Pro-Standard Logistics Pte Ltd was incorporated in the year 2003 by Mr Wallace Choo as an entrepreneurial venture. He had had years of partnership with others in the field of logistics before venturing out himself. The purpose is to offer clients their own style of logistical support. It is located at 1 Genting Link #02-02 Perfect One, Singapore 349518. The company soon became recognized in the moving and packing of medical equipments, printers, copiers and other sophisticated equipments.


PSL prime objective is to assist and provide our clients with logistical supports and free them to concentrate in other areas like marketing and sales. Our main emphasis is good service and doing things the first time right. Customers’ satisfaction is our top priority. The pettiest details will not be overlooked.


We own a fleet of six boxed vehicles and all staff equipped with mobile phones. With a staff strength of 18 employees and a strong base of Sub contractors. Having a storage space of 3,800sq ft of which 1,800sq ft are fully air-conditioned. Goods stored at our premises are protected by 24hrs security guards and fully in stored with sprinkler system. We provide adequate insurance coverage for our assets and liabilities. Also recommend that our clients undertake additional coverage if so required. Insurance can be arranged at a very competitive rates and a variety of options catered to cover requirements.



Our partners:

1) Pro-Standard Trading and Logistics (Asia) Company Limited

2) Pro-Standard Trading and Logistics (Hong Kong) Company Limited